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Zion David Marley-Facts About Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley’ Son

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Zion David Marley is a famous celebrity child. He is in the spotlight because he is the son of Lauryn Hill, an American singer, rapper, songwriter and actress. In addition, his mother Lauryn is known for being a member of Fugees and for her solo album Lauryn Hill’s Bad Education (1998). On the other hand, his father Rohan Marley is a former football player.

By the way, did you know that Marley is the grandchild of the Jamaican singer and musician Bob Marley? Besides a child from such a legendary family, what else does Zion do on his own? Also check out his love life. Is Zion married? If so, who is his wife?

Today, this article aims to detail every known and unknown fact about Zion.

Who are Zion David Marley’s parents? His siblings

Zion is the firstborn child of his parents Rohan and Hill. He was born on August 3, 1997, in the United States of America. So from 2022 he will be 25 years old. He grew up in his hometown along with his other four siblings Selah Louise, Joshua Omaru, John Nesta and Sara.

Zion David Marley in his childhood. Source: his father’s Instagram

Speaking of Zion’s education, not much information is available, however, once there was news that he was attending high school prom in the year 2015. Apart from this, we cannot say anything about his school and university.

By the way, Zion is of African American ethnicity and holds American nationality.

Zion’s father David Marley is a former football player

Zion’s father Rohan Anthony Marley, born on May 19, 1972, was a sportsman. He was a professional football player in Canadian Football League with the Ottawa Rough Riders. Prior to his involvement with Ottawa, he played linebacker for the University of Miami football team.

Furthermore, the son of an iconic era musician Bob Marley, is also a Jamaican entrepreneur who co-founded Marley Coffee, an organic coffee plantation.

Zion’s Mother Lauryn Hill Is A Grammy Award Holder

Born May 26, 1975, in New Jersey, Zion’s mother Lauryn began her career as a singer and later became a rapper. She first appeared in an Off-Broadway called ‘Club XII’, a hip-hop version of Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’. Her solo album Lauryn Hill’s Wrong Teaching was the best-selling album of all time. Throughout her musical career, Hill has won eight Grammy Awards.

In addition to her musical journey, Lauryn is also an actress who started her acting career in 1991. Her film credits include: A star is born, Dreamgirls, Charlie’s Angel, and much more.

Zion David Marley’s parents never took a vow

In the year 1996, Zion’s parents met and fell in love. After that, the couple started a live-in relationship. They both lived in Hill’s childhood home in South Orange.

Zion David Marley parents
Zion’s Famous Parents David Marley

During their romantic affairs, Hill gave birth to: 5 babies. However, in 2009the duo separated, leaving temporary custody of the children to Marley.

Zion David Marley’s Career: What Is His Profession?

According to his father’s Insta post, Zion appears to be a model. on February 5, 2018his father, Rohan posted the photo of his son with the Balenciaga printed T-shirt and caption,

Our youth must be steadfast and reap the benefits of modern civilization. Plan your time and use both your physical and mental powers purposefully and productively.

From this we can assume that Zion might be a model for Balenciaga, an online boutique in the US. Likewise, according to some sources, Zion is concerned with his father’s biological affairs. But we are not clear about that.

Moreover, like his mother and grandfather, Zion is fond of music. He likes to play guitar and bass.

Who is Zion David Marley’s girlfriend? His relationship details

As he moved on with his relationship, Zion recently started dating a girlfriend named Tania. The duo not only dated casually, but also had a serious relationship. In fact, the couple shares two children together. Apart from this, both have secrecy in their relationship, so we can’t tell you more about it.

Also, we are not sure if the couple is still together or not. But there is a high probability that they are together as the couple is the parents of two children.

Zion’s Past Affair

In the year 2015, when Marley was in high school, Bob Marley’s grandson was in a relationship with a girl named Kristen Richardson. The former couple attended a prom together. Although he lived a quiet life, his photos with his then-girlfriend were posted on Instagram because they were both dazzled in white dresses.

Zion David Marley
Zion David Marley with his ex-girlfriend

In addition, there is no more information about his ex-girlfriend Kristen.

Marley is a father of two children

Zion, at the age of 25is already welcome 2 called children Zephaniah and Azaria. His first child was a son Zephaniah who was born on February 18, 2017. He also became the father for the second time after his daughter Azaria was born in March 2021. And we already mentioned that the baby’s mommy is his girlfriend Tania.

Zion David Marley
Zion David Marley’s son and daughter. Source: Instagram

Before the arrival of a granddaughter, his father Rohan shared a post on his Instagram caption,

Zefanja told me to introduce his sister
Azaria Genesis Marley.
They call me Babba Ruggu Super Blessings Flowing,
It’s an honor my son
Zion Marley ️.

Is Zion David Marley active on social media sites?

Zion, regardless of his parents’ popularity, prefers to live a quiet life. He is not active on social media. That said, doesn’t mean he doesn’t appear in front of the camera. There are a handful of photos of Zion on his parents’ Instagram.

On the other hand, his player dad, Rohan Marley, is on Instagram with 490k followers and his musician mother who is active under the username @mslaurynhill has 698k followers in 2022.

Zion David Marley’s Net Worth

As of 2022, his fortune is $1.5 million. He mainly earns money from his work as a model and musician. On the other hand, his famous mother has a net worth of $9 million while his father has $20 million.

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